Video Poker Strategy: Make Right Decisions

Unlike roulette and craps, video poker is the game, where gamblers decisions are important. Knowledge of the proper strategy and main tips helps to attain positive expectations. Making decisions in video poker is quite complicated cause, as there are 32 different variants of playing the particular hand of cards. The rules and video poker strategy will help to cope with this. But let's try to find out the main variations of video poker.

Most Popular Video Poker Variations

  1. Jacks (Better Video Poker). It is the most wide spread variation of the game. The hand containing a pair of Jacks or better is paid there. The rules of the game are quite easy, so if you coped with them move to another, more exciting game variation.
  2. Jokers Wild Video Poker is played with a deck of 53 cards (containing joker, which is wild). Joker (it can be any card) improves the odd of players.
  3. Deuces Video Poker. The game is played with 52-card deck, all the 2s are wild in this play.
  4. Multi-Handed Play offer single poker hand, you choose from it what cards you want to keep and what to change for another.

Video Poker Rules

Video poker is played on the machine and it is required to place new bet on each hand of cards. Payouts, as in slots, depend on the size of a wager. Each first poker hand consists of 5 cards. And the player makes the decision which cards to keep and which to change to get the best poker hand.

Video Poker Games Strategy

Video Poker Strategy Variations

There exists a great variety of video poker strategies and each player can choose the best one for him/her.

  1. Jacks or better strategy (there two variations - simple and intermediate).
  2. "Not so ugly ducks" basic strategy.
  3. Jacks or better optimal strategy.
  4. Full pay deuces wild simple strategy.
  5. Bonus"8/5" Poker strategy.

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