Blackjack Rules

The Aim of playing black-jack game is achieving a hand, the sum of which is near 21 as compared with dealer's hand and in all situations it should be not more than 21. In situations the cards value is more than 21 there is losing of hand termed as busting of hand in black-jack parlance.

In black-jack gaming involves only one hand present opposing the dealer cards, more players occupying the table are of no consequence in the game.

When the dealing of first card is over, one can decide to hit, resulting in dealing of one more hand alternatively one can opt for standing with the cards already there in a hope that the cards shall come out to be stronger with a possibility of beating the dealer's hand.

First the entire players complete playing of their black-jack game, followed by the dealer player opening his hand. The playing of hand by the dealer is governed by set rules and the dealer can not exercise his choice. In normal conditions the dealer continues to draw the cards till the value of his cards reaches 17. The rules on majority of the tables specify the dealer has to stand on every 17 or more value achievement the activity of further taking the cards gets stopped.

Details of Valuing Cards:

Soft-Hand and Hard-Hand:

The Ace has either of the value of '1 or 11' this indicates a good situation, because the danger of reaching 21 gets minimized.

Soft Hand:

In Black-jack the soft hand the value of Ace is one. Taking an instance of a game the sum of Ace & 7 Card can be treated as '8 or 18', based on the value assigned to the Ace card it can be altered as the situation demands.

Hard Hand:

In certain situations one is compelled not in using Ace card for any of the '1 or 11 values'. In case there is Ace along with 8 & 6 as the other cards the total value becomes 15 treating Ace value as 1, since by assigning it value of 10 thus the total exceeds 21 creating Busted Hand situation. Due to this versatile situation, it is called Hard hand, because of it's nearness to busting hand.

The Dealing of Cards:

Once entire players of the game place their bet money, dealer begins distributing each player two cards and afterwards takes his 2 cards with one card kept in face up position and other remains down till finishing of the round.