Blackjack Strategy

Because of a definite mathematical relation in revealing the mysteries of Black-jack game, it is possible to formulate specific strategies through computerized simulation application, which can be tested for accuracy and further refined.

The right way of following of the strategies causes significant reduction in 'house edge' to its minimum of 0.5%. Little bit of adjustment needs to be carried taking into account the rules variations applied by the casinos in their games for which they have open choice like 'double down' after split of cards and others may not use it and choose the option of single deck or multi-deck games. To achieve success in playing Black-jack one is required to understand and practice basic strategies.

Majority of the players make use of 'Basic Strategy Chart', which is very useful in deciding the playing steps involving first 2 cards opposed to dealer's up card. Every one knows that there is gain to house edge as a result of player taking action first. Because 'Basic Strategy Chart' suggests about first 2 cards, there is necessity for learning the further decisions after hitting.

Translating 'Basic Strategy Chart'

The expert's advice is for translating the 'basic strategy chart' in simplified English to find out way for playing a hand using 3 or more than 3 cards.

Examining an Example:

In case one has 5 and 3 as first cards, the sum of which becomes 8. The chart indicates for hitting. In case one draws third card as 3, now the sum becomes 11, now the indication is to go double on the first 2 cards, the preference should be of hitting.

While translating the 'strategy chart' the use of 'otherwise' is suggested at the time one has to tackle a different situation as a result of complexities of multi cards. In case one has to write the above situation it can be simplified as below:

In case of having '11' - double 'otherwise hit'

Handling of multi cards and deciding in respect of 'soft hands' & 'hard hands' one can search How about Playing information on the internet on one's favorite site.

A 'Hard Hand' Playing:

It is the two initial cards, in which an Ace is absent.