Wagering Requirement

The on-line casinos have a tradition of offering bonus as attraction to players for becoming the casino member, or by their action of deposit of cash required to play a game using their account opened with the casino game.

The very common is Matching bonus, whereby any amount deposited gets doubled in the account by the credit of matching bonus. The use of No Deposit bonuses is made, by the on-line casino as an incentive to player to begin playing.

Objective of the Bonus Offers

These two bonus offers are aimed at encouraging the player for gambling all the games, to which the casino bonuses are associated. When the on-line casinos just appeared on the scene, there had been very rampant misuse and of abusing bonus schemes, incurring great losses to the on-line casinos.

The players adopted mal-practice of opening multiple of accounts for getting the advantage of sign-up bonus, and in a very short time were seen en-cashing the bonuses.

To balance the massive monetary risk exposure to on-line casino by the offers of bonus, suitable rules were framed commonly known as wagering condition or play-through requirement.

These rules lack popularity, still they are in place for protection of casinos against frauds, and at the same time they are pro legitimate players, visiting on-line casino for fun sake instead of pure mission of winning.

The Working Pattern:

The very commonly encountered pattern of Wagering / Play-through Requirement linked to the bonus is being multiple of first one or more deposits, which are spent in wagering or playing to reach the specified limit of betting after which the winning amount can be drawn.

The exact number of multiples is individually decided by the casino and has lot of variations. The situation call for the players to understand them properly, based on which is the working of the particular casino.

The on-line casino Wagering or Play-through needs are stated in the standardized terms & conditions. They are easily accessible online at their website.

As an instance the on-line casino is having play-through condition of 15X, which can be construed as player is bound to placing bets 15 times of the first deposit on achievement of which only one can withdraw the winning amount in the account.

Considering the first deposit to be 100 dollars in casino's account and by receiving 100% bonus, there is bank-roll of 200 dollars. To comply with the conditions of play, the player needs to place bet of $1500 gaining eligibility to withdraw the winnings amount in the account.

It looks little stiff, but actually it is not. The fixing of play-through only balances the casinos risk offering protection from categorical player, who is not fun lover. Thus there is healthy encouragement in the game.

Presence of Variations:

Few on-line casinos practice assigning different percentages to different games and are focused on compliance of play-through necessities considering different factors and the realities of the game.