The 'Random Number Generator' is a kind of 'computer chip' which in a random manner makes the selection of number from a specified range, which normally begins from Zero and goes up to few billion. The entire operation involves division process of a particular number by making use of predetermined formula. The reel of the computer stops when the division gets completed.

It is all simple and no complication involved. To understand, assume, when the money is slipped in slot and pushing of 'spin button', at that time there is a RNG number at that time gets fed to the mechanism, controlling the reels. There is spinning of the reel and randomized number gets decided instantly. Appearing of various symbols relates to a number selected.

Ever Ready RNG Awaiting Player Response

As a matter of fact RNG does never stop working. After every mili-second a number is there on the reel which goes on changing many times in a minute. As a result many thousand of losing numbers combination and few hundreds of Jackpot combinations change the position in duration of time one takes to sit before the computer, put the money & pushes the button.

If one is pausing to sneeze or yawn numerous potential decisions shall move forward making place for the new combination. If there is a hesitation for few seconds, the game pattern shall change.

It is a good feature since one still has an opportunity to hit a jackpot. In fraction of minute there are nearly 15 jackpots, which changed position. RNG process is carried on without regard to money involvement or the quantum of pay off.

Legal Enforcement in Respect of RNG:

Each RNG in all the slot machines are subjected to extensive periodical inspection and testing and the ones satisfying the criteria are licensed under regulation procedure effective in all 'North American Gambling Jurisdictions'. As specified in respective State Laws there is requirement of all the RNG's performing complying to specified standard giving output of within a range of minimum or maximum wins during a specified period. The Nevada law specifies the slot for paying at minimum 75% of money value, which is processed by the machine. The New Jersey law specified minimum of 83% payback. Similar is the situation in Canada, at some places it is more tough. The prescribed regulations are enforced very strictly.

All the RNG's operating at Atlantic City have individual certification and sealing carried out by New 'Jersey Divn.of Gaming-Enforcement'.

Procedure for Replacement of RNG

There is a procedure to be adopted for alteration in RNG or replacing it with new one. The application is submitted to 'DGE'.

The machine opening is done under supervision from 'DGE'. The 'DGE' carries out breaking of seal of the processor and oversees chip replacement. After completion of replacement the 'DGE' puts fresh seal & issues recertification of the machine.

'DGE' at New Jersey has up to date database of all the slot machines, with a number allotted to the RNG and is regularly tracked under the enforcement regulation assignment. All the states have such regulations and enforcement agencies. There are inspectors carrying out inspections making surprise checks to detect any malpractice in the trade.